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Killer Code : Nothing Left...



Rob Python

Maler Tribal Warrior(African)

Titan 6,8'' (Doom wiki) he must be 6,8' to make things deferent..

Kait Diaz

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-Takato Saionji will be good more then Kim Kaphwan

-Xena will project her circle weapon and get it back automatic as fire, no other weapon

-You can remplace Leona Heidern to a white or black girl from usa bcs she is from KOF

-Alcina dimitrescu Resident evil can be there

-Aria, Aganos, Rash can't be there because we want more fight less power

-There is voice in number of the Hits, after make a combos..... Like Two, Three, Four

-Don't forgot Kilgore and Oman or you can remove Aria and Aganos to add them...

-Killer Code won't say master, squad combos just number of the Hits voice and no Combo Breaker just Break...

Me gusta
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