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Return of Spartan : War In the City. Kratos Spartan or Spartan Warrios ( Game or Movie) Choose...

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

English( Spartan Warrios),

English(Kratos Spartan)

Heavy Big and Large Casting Words Sword,,,

Or this one


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13 janv. 2021

-He got battle power or energy bar for use power when there is many Barbarian or big Boss.

He can get that energy anytime and he can use R1+L1 but he can choose kind of power because we got -Sword turning, 4 punch in the ground etc....

-he can get Medical energy too and he got fight speed like kratos in ps3 fast speed sword more then Demon's souls

-You can switch weapon between Sword, Arrow weapon etc....

Arrow weapon has limit of number to shot like 20 u can get it every time

-He has to follow the map and the point mile of distance call of duty and Terminator, the other spartan soldier can tell him what going…

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